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How to Fight A Drug Case

Fighting a drug case requires preparation, training and a willingness to fight back against Prosecutors and Police Officers.

Prosecutors will often try to use illegally obtained evidence against those charged with drug crimes.  Examples of this include the following:
  • Using strong arm tactics and threats against a person in an attempt to get that person to "consent" to a search of their person or property.
  • Arresting a person simply for being in a supposedly "bad part of town" at night.
  • The searching of a person by police simply because of the color of that person's skin.
These are all things I have seen as an attorney defending clients accused of drug offenses.  These are all illegal and any evidence obtained against a person using these methods should be suppressed or excluded. 

The problem is too many attorneys do not fight against these types of police abuses.  Too may attorneys have the defeatist attitude that nothing can be done.  And because of this all too common attitude among so many criminal defense lawyers, Police Officers and Prosecutors continue abusing the rights of the people. 

Criminal Defense Lawyer Marc Lopez fights back against this abuse by police officers and prosecutors.  Attorney Marc Lopez believes in the rights of the people and will do everything possible fight for these rights.  This includes reviewing all the evidence provided by the police, taking the statements of the police officers involved, suppressing illegally obtained evidence and, when the facts warrant it, take cases to trial.

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